Ursprung des Namen Emmerich

Der Name Emmerich

EMMERICH � Emerich, Emrich, Emericus, Emric, Emig. (OHG. Ermanrih, the powerful ruler; from the Italian Amerigo, America is derived.

Emmerich aus Ermanrich, Erm(e)rich bedeutet gewalteriger, m�chtiger F�rst, Herrscher, K�nig.

Der Name geh�rt zum alten deutschen Namengut. Ermanrik, Ermenrich war K�nig und F�hrer der Ostgoten im 4. Jh., ein Ermenrich, Bischof von Passau, starb 874.

Graf Emmerich, Embrico, Imbrico von Leiningen 1077; Emmerich hie� der einzige Sohn Kaiser Stephans des Heiligen von Ungaru. Embrich auch ein Abt von Einsiedeln im 11. Jh. Lange hat sich der VN gehalten.

Der vorletzte Kurf�rst von Mainz der von 1768 � 1774 regierte, hie� Emmerich Josef Freiherr von Breidbach.

Der Ort Emmerich am Niederrhein, auf den sicher auch eine Anzahl der FN Emmerich als Herkunftsnamen zur�ckgehen, hei� urspr. villa Embricensis. FN: Ermenrich; Em(m)rich; Emmerich(s); Emeric, Emery (Schweiz); obd. Emmele, Emlein.. from � Unsere Familienamen � Linnartz 1958

Origins of the Emmerich name

The name of Emmerich and its variants is common both in the United States and in Germany. The name is spelled with a �ck� in the U.S., while the �ch� is of German origin. Spellings other than Emmerich are: Emerich, Emrich Emrick, Emric, Emerick, Emeric, Emry, Emery and Emrey. The early spelling of the name in Germany was found to be Imrik.

The city of Emmerich, Germany is located in the lower part of Saxony on the Rhine river. It has it�s origin as a Roman Colony and is mentioned in the seventh century. � from Andrew Emerick of Somerset Co., PA � Oran S. Emrich

In regard to the spelling of Emrich, it has been found that any name which begins with �EM� may be Emrich. Some E-names were spelled Emra in the 1850 census for Ross Co., OH.

If we had not known that his first name was Moses, we would have missed him in the census report. Occasionally the Revolutionary War spelling was �Americk�, but generally �EM" was the beginning of the name. In Germany the spelling is Emmerich, while in the U.S. it has been shortened to Emrick, or Emrich. Some early families started with Emmerich, then changed to Emery or Emrey and retained to the present time. - from John Emerich of Ross Co., OH � Oran S. Emrich

Emmerich, St.(Kr. Rees, RB D�sseldorf, Rheinprovinz. R. am Rhein.) Embrica �Emmerica �Emericum � Asciburgum. Transl. - , a city (county Rees, pt. Of Dusseldorf, Rhine province, on the right side of the Rhine.) from � Deutsch Lateinsches Handbuchlein � by Saalfeld

Em(m)erich, Emmrich: ahd. Embricus, unerkl., und Ermanarich (Gotenk�nig, s. IRMIN) (x ON. Rhld.), Embrecht.

Aber 1569 in Fulnek Engelbracht. Dessen S�hne Embrich(t), Em(me)rich. transl. - old high German Embricus, unexplainable, and Ermanarich (king of the Goths) see also Irmin; Embrecht (a place name, Rhineland.) But in 1569 the same name was Englebrecht, in Fulnek, whoses sons are Embrich(t), and Em(me)rich.. - transl. to English by Inge Noyes � from � Deutsche Namenkunde � Gottchald

Emmerich - (from Middle Rhine, Frankfurt, Wetzlar, a suburb of Darmstadt):

In the Saga of Erminrich, there are the Harlungen brothers named Imbrecke (Emerca) and Fritele, nephews of the God-king, who lived at the town of Breisach in the service of the true Eckehard. Some examples in knighthood and nobility are: Knight Embrico von Lahnstein 1217; Knight Emercho von Wolveskelen 1267 in Wetzlar (also called Emicho); Count Embricho (Imbrico) of Leineingen 1077; Emmercho Rosewater 1264 in Wetzlar; Emmerich Schepkessel 1371 in Frankfort, the name Emmerich is found earlier in Breidbach on Mainz.

Emmelrich a pronunciation variant of Amelrich, a popular German name in the Middle Ages (related to the East Goth nobility named Amalrich); and also the Upper Rhine Emmel, Emmlein, Emmelmann; the northern German Emcke, Ehmcke (Emeke), but not to Eimke. Emelricus Pape 1320 in Lubek, Emelricus de Ponte 1170 in Cologne, Emmelrich Ruodel 1336 in Nassau, Thylo Emmelrich 1317 in Bingen, where also Emmelman 1338 a patronymic of Emler, Amler. For Emmelmann see also old Norse Emmeln / Ems. � note: The "L" is easily swallowed; however Bahlow does not connect Emmelrich / Amalric to Emmerich nor Ermanrich as other writers do.

Emig, Emich Ehmig: short form of Emmerich (Embrich). Emicho or Emercho , Bishop of W�rzburg 1140; Bentz Emich 1350 Stuttgart. � from � Die Deutschen Familienaman by Hans Balow � transl. by Terry Golden.

Emerchin, the caressing form or diminutive of the forename Emmerich. For example in 1362 a person named Henne Emerchin lived in Friedberg, Hessen (see BHU I, 921) The first name of Emercho used to be very common.

Emmelman, diminutive of the first name Emmerich (as "my little Emerick man").

Emmelmannus in 1338, House of Bingen (BHU III, 167).

Emmelrich, shortened forename Emilrich, Emilricus of Ponte, 1170 Cologne., also
nickname in 1317 for Thylo of Bingen called Emmelrich.

Emmerich, the forename Emmerich appears in 1412, Hans Emrich from Horrheim, Vaihingen, near Stuttgart. In 1415 Nikolas Emericus, a christian knight of the order Johanniter, from Dorlisheim.

Emmich, abbreviated form of Emmerich, for example in 1140, Emicho or Embricho, Bishop of Wurtenburg. The forename Emicho was also used in the royal house of Wurtenburg. Another variation in 1350, Bentz Emich from Neckagroningen, near Ludwigsburg. - transl. by Inge Noyes

�Emery,� though now utterly forgotten as a personal name, may be said to live on only in our surnames.

It was once no unimportant sobriquet. Americ, Almaric, Emeric and Eimeric seem to have been its original spellings in England, and thus, at least, it is more likely to remind us that it is the same name to which, in the Italian form of Amerigo, we now owe the title of that vast expanse of western territory which is so indissolubly connected with English industry and English interests. Curter forms than these were found in Aylmar, Ailmar, Almar, Aymer and Amar.

The surnames it has bequeathed to us are not few. It has had the free run of the vowels in our Amorys, Emerys and Imarys, and in a more patronymic form we may still oftentimes meet with it in our Emersons. � from English Surnames - by Bardsley

Emery (m) � English form of German Emmerich, �homepower�, Emory is often used in the U.S., mainly a 19th century name.<br.>from � Facts on File Dictionary of First Names.

Emmery � Anglicanized form of the Old High German Amalric, "work king" akin to Emil.

The name of the fierce German Amalric was borne in the United States by the gentlest of philosophers, Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose name meant, "son of Emmery."

English - Emmery, Emeric, Emery, Emory, Almerick, Merrick.

Old High German - Amalric

German - Emerich

Teutonic - Emmerich

Old French - Aimeri

French - Emeri, Emery

Latin - Almericus

Italian - Amerigo

Portuguese - Aymeric from � Treasury of Names � by Wells

Amery (German) � Always rich, able, and powerful from the old German Emerich or Immer-reich, always rich. From � Etymological Dictionary of Names � by Arthur 1857

Imer, Emmery (Ric, dominion) � Old German Emrich, 8th century � English Emerick � Modern German, Emerich

French, Emeric, Emmericque. � from The Teutonic Name System � by Ferguson

More Variations:

Amery, Amori, Amory, / Emary, Emery, Emory, Embrey, Emberry, Embrey, Embry, Embury, Emeric, Emerick,

Imbery, Imbrey, Imbrie, Imery, Imray, Imrie, / Hemery, Hembrey, Hembrey, Hembry: Amalricus 1086 DB;

Ymerus filius Reineri c1160 DC (L); Haimeri 1170 P (St); Haimericus filius Gidhe c1190-5 DC (L);

Eimericus uinitor 1191 P (Wa); Robertus filius Amalrici, Almarici 1207-14 Cur (Nt); Emeric Orcherd 1241 AssSo;

Amauricus, Amaricus, Ailmarus, Aumaricus, Almaricus de Sancto Amando 1221 Cur; Emery de Roche Chaward 1269 AssSo; Roger Hemeri a1182 Clerkenwell (Ess); Roger Amalri 1207 Cur (O), Hemericus, Eymericus, Heimericus Buche 1222 Cur (Do); Aymery de Rupe Cawardi 1278 AssSo; Richard Aumauri 1221 Cur (Do); Robert Emeri 1223 Pat (Lei); Robert Heymeri 1240 Rams (C);  Simon Amarik 1260 AssY; William Emeric 1276 LLB A; Robert Amary, Amory 1279 RH (Bk); Walter Ymery 1513 Black; John Imbrie 1611 ib. Ofr. Amauri, Emaurri, from OG Amalric �work-rule�. � source unknown, Abbreviations and (?) also unknown. (by me
at least).

Amelbrecht (obd.): German persons name; Amal-berht (vgl. Das got. K�nigsgeschlecht der Amaler!), siehe Amelung!

Amalperaht 823, Amelprecht 1395 Kremsmstr., Wenczlab Amelprecht 1414 M�hren. Auch ital. FN.: Amalberti

Amelrich: schon N. eines Ostgotenherrschers, im MA. bieliebt; als A. gibt sich Hagen beim Donau-�bergang der Nibelungen aus. Siehe Amelung! Ein Ritter Amelrich v. Isenheim 1253 im Elsa�. Fritz A. 1338 E�lingen.

Bernardus filius Amelrici 1270 Stralsd. Nd. KF.: Ameke, Emeke (Ehmke). Siehe auch Emmelrich! � Amels siehe
Ahmels! Vgl. Amler!

These variations on a well-known name illustrate the popular indifference to spelling by the scribes of the Middle  Ages. � Benyon.

Of font names that were once popular and are now all but forgotten there is one historic interest.

This is Amalric, varied forms of which are Americ, Emeric, Ermeric. In it�s Italian form Amerigo it was the font name of the explorer Vespucci, who after a notable voyage across the Atlantic found a new country and called it by his name.

In English directories this font name survives in Amar, Amery, Emery, Emerson, Emberson, Imeson, Imray and Imrie. - from The Story of Surnames � Wm Bowman 1932

Emery (m.); Old German Emmerich, compound of some element from the stem Im-, Em-, and rija �rule�; latinized as Emericus. Emery was introduced into England by the Normans and though never common, survived both as a man�s and as a woman�s name until the end of the 18th century. It is still used from time to time as a man�s name, as also is Emerick.

Emericus FA 1284, 1316. Emeric HR 1273. � from Oxford Dictionary of English Christian Names


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