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Welcome to the Hundeshagen Family Chronicles

I would like to invite you to an unparalleled time-journey into the history of our family, as well as all related families known to us.

A time-travel reaching from the royal courts of Java and Sumatra and Indonesia's struggle for independence, through the times encompassing the 30-year war in Europe, France, Italy, the U.S. Civil War, the armies of a Napoleon Bonaparte and all the way back to the royal court of Champa (today's Vietnam), the Supreme Mandarin in China, Mecca, Kashan in Persia (today's Iran), Iraq, India, Samarkand in Uzbekistan to courts of Charlemagne, and much farther.

We also invite you to find and establish family ties with us, and contribute freely to our family history which by no means is yet complete and as experience has show us over and over again, probably never will be.

Please note: Most of our data pages here are yet in German, and will be translated in time. Until then you are encouraged to follow the links to the right and run the text through Google translator (yes, it really works...) or just drop us a line.

We are very much looking forward to your mails, and shared family data.

Our ancestors are alive in our DNA.

With kind regards

Dr. George H. Hundeshagen, Ph.D., D.B.A.    



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